Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines 2010

In an attempt to make 2010 a very organized year, I spent about 2 weeks carefully packing, arranging, photographing and labeling all my Christmas decorations. It was a massive undertaking, but I feel a sense of accomplishment in doing it.

So, with all of that and getting new furniture in the next week, I have decided not to put up my valentines tree. I will, however, be working on some valentines crafts. For every holiday that is coming up, I dedicate a corner of my craft room to that holiday and fill it with crafty goodness to get me inspired. My inspiration corner doesn't take as long as decorating a tree, so I worked on it for a bit last night. I just love the pretty colors and the cheerfulness my corner gives me. I love how it turned out!


Marie said...

wow such wonderful goodies. i can't wait to see what you create.

dear jane said...

What a great idea! Looks like great inspiration! Can't wait to see what you create!

stephanie said...

Omg! It was like a valentine's workshop in your house. I would love to be in that mess... so much pink. my fav!

Roberta Giovaneli said...

Hello, I love your work !
I'm from BRASIL, and mentioned your work and put a picture on my blog , I hope you enjoy !
I'm your follower !

Sassafras and LuLu said...

Well, I am back blogging, somehow. Just wanted to stop. It had been 2 years for got in the way, but I sure missed it. Wanted to stop and see who was following me. Don't know if you are still around but I am back. Love your blog!