Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Hi everyone!
Joan at Anything Goes Here is hosting Vintage Christmas Monday and I am so excited to be participating! I decided to post mine tonight since I will be going out of town in the morning.

I am slowly building up my collection of vintage Christmas item. I'm just going to go ahead and start with my favorite vintage item, my mother's old glass rolling pin. Of course, it didn't start out a "Christmas" item, but my mom made it part of our Christmas tradition. She would get it our every year and decorate it with Christmas greenery and cute Christmas candies, ornaments, etc. I was so pleased (ok, so I cried like a baby) when she gave it to me. It just brings back such wonderful Christmas memories from when I was a kid.

I'm kind of lacking on the decorations around it right now since I had to start from scratch. It just needs something else.....Maybe I'll look around tomorrow for something to jazz it up. Any suggestions?

Bragging about my new purchase....

Every year our local DBPA host Hometown Christmas in which local and surrounding area Artist and Crafters come to display and sell their works of art. Not having attended in several years, I decided to go this year. I am so glad I did. I met a wonderful lady, Lori from Ellenay Designs. I just could not stay away from her table! She make the most beautiful hand crafted jewelry. Every piece is so unique and detailed with such care. I really had a hard time choosing what I wanted!
I think I made a good decision. If you get a chance, stop by her Etsy shop and take a look!

Christmas Giveaway!

Hey everyone, Carla at CosmoGirl's Emporium has a wonderful giveaway going on now till December 1st! She is giving you three chances to win. Don't miss out!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Purchases

So I'm not a real big shopper, especially on days like "Black Friday". I never go shopping on black Friday. Too many people and so much chaos. I had initially decided to stay home today and play in my craft room, but my little sis mentioned that she would like to go and look around in a few stores. My hubby and daughter decided to brave it and head out at 5:00 am. I, on the other hand, didn't leave my house till after 9. I figured if we left later, the early birds would have their door buster deals and be heading home for a nap. I guess I was right! It wasn't that bad! So I didn't stand in line in the cold for hours to get twenty bucks off a TV.....I don't need a TV. Nor did I push and shove my way through crowds of coffee stimulated cranky people to buy some worthless junk as Christmas presents for friends and family just to make sure everyone has a gift to open......pointless! Instead, I decided to make it a day for me! I did, however, buy a couple of people gifts that I knew they wanted and will love. I'm not entirely selfish.

First stop? Michaels of course! New Cricut carts for $35! One for me....and yes, I bought 2 more for Christmas gifts. I can't show the other two. Might ruin a surprise. For myself, I bought some styrofoam balls, paper cones, gold paint for pine cones, some containers, a much needed circle punch and my favorite glue. I also bought some of Martha Stewart's new flocking powder in red. I can't wait to try it! Oh, I picked up some glittering blue embossing powder too. That stuff is great!

I also bought these gorgeous birds for my Christmas tree. They are items that would usually not get my attention, but there was just something about them and they look fabulous on my tree! Didn't hurt that they were 40% off, PLUS I got an additional 25% off of my entire purchase!

On our final stop before heading home, my sister talked me into buying some shoes called Sanuk's. When she first showed them to me and said she liked them, I thought she was joking. Surely she was joking! Not really my style. I thought they were really ugly. Then she told me to try them on......wowwwww, comfy. So I purchased 3 pair. Of course, she's getting a pair of them for Christmas since she introduced me to my "new best friends."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Fun

I am so excited! I found all the boxes of Christmas crafting fun and swap stuff from last year! I unpacked everything and layed it across the eight foot table in my craft room just so I could look at all the pretty Christmas items and I left it there for about a week.

I'm loving all the bright lime greens and vibrant reds. That gives me an idea for decorating one of my trees! I'm thinking pixies, vintage santas, silver tinsel and those wonderful Christmas lights that were so popular when I was a kid. I think they are called C9 lights. I have boxes of those I have never even used! So now it's craftin' time! So much do do, where do I start?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wonderful Holiday Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Castle and Cottage Blog has a fantastic giveaway and it's really easy to enter. The winner will receive a $40 gift certificate to her Etsy shop. She has some pretty amazing items there! The drawing will be November 14th at noon, so don't wait!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joli Paquet trick or treat swap

My partner Wendy told me she likes the traditional colors of orange and black for her Halloween decorating, but she is really getting into purple and green too. So with that in mind, I created some goodies using those colors I was sure she would love.

I also included some supplies she can use for her own creations.

Of course, I couldn't forget some sweet treats for her to snack on!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Joli Paquet Trick or Treat Swap

I only joined 2 Halloween swaps this year since I was so busy with some other work projects. I joined the Joli Paquet swap which was a lot of fun. My partner Wendy made a really cute bag and filled it with some wonderful treats!
I can't wait to get started on the cute little mini tag kits she included. And the shimmery material gives me a great excuse to get out my sewing machine and make something special for next year. Thanks Wendy for all the wonderful Halloween goodies!

Goodbye Halloween 2009...

Once again, Halloween has come and gone leaving behind tired little ones with belly aches from the buckets of yummy candy and sweet treats devoured throughout the evening.The creepers have left the building, having done their jobs of lurking, crawling and spooking.It's time to say goodbye to Halloween 2009....

This ole' witch is tired.