Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Purchases

So I'm not a real big shopper, especially on days like "Black Friday". I never go shopping on black Friday. Too many people and so much chaos. I had initially decided to stay home today and play in my craft room, but my little sis mentioned that she would like to go and look around in a few stores. My hubby and daughter decided to brave it and head out at 5:00 am. I, on the other hand, didn't leave my house till after 9. I figured if we left later, the early birds would have their door buster deals and be heading home for a nap. I guess I was right! It wasn't that bad! So I didn't stand in line in the cold for hours to get twenty bucks off a TV.....I don't need a TV. Nor did I push and shove my way through crowds of coffee stimulated cranky people to buy some worthless junk as Christmas presents for friends and family just to make sure everyone has a gift to open......pointless! Instead, I decided to make it a day for me! I did, however, buy a couple of people gifts that I knew they wanted and will love. I'm not entirely selfish.

First stop? Michaels of course! New Cricut carts for $35! One for me....and yes, I bought 2 more for Christmas gifts. I can't show the other two. Might ruin a surprise. For myself, I bought some styrofoam balls, paper cones, gold paint for pine cones, some containers, a much needed circle punch and my favorite glue. I also bought some of Martha Stewart's new flocking powder in red. I can't wait to try it! Oh, I picked up some glittering blue embossing powder too. That stuff is great!

I also bought these gorgeous birds for my Christmas tree. They are items that would usually not get my attention, but there was just something about them and they look fabulous on my tree! Didn't hurt that they were 40% off, PLUS I got an additional 25% off of my entire purchase!

On our final stop before heading home, my sister talked me into buying some shoes called Sanuk's. When she first showed them to me and said she liked them, I thought she was joking. Surely she was joking! Not really my style. I thought they were really ugly. Then she told me to try them on......wowwwww, comfy. So I purchased 3 pair. Of course, she's getting a pair of them for Christmas since she introduced me to my "new best friends."

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